Wanna be an evangelist of Japanese culture: Mouri Motonari

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Mouri Motonari

Mouri Motonari was a SAMURAI in the Sengoku era.
He was one of the most resourceful daimyou in the Chuugoku region.
He was originally a powerless daimyou(feudal lord), but he attacked neighboring enemies with his matchless ingenuity.
Then, he became a conquerer of Chuugoku region at last.

There is Motonari's famous lesson to his three sons.
He advised them to work together for the prosperity of the Mouri clan in this lesson.

One day, he summoned them, and handed one arrow for each.
He said, "Break the arrow.".
They broke the arrow easily.
Then, he handed three arrows for each, and he said, "Break the arrows.".
However they couldn't break the arrows this time.
Motonari said, "You can break one arrow  easily, but can't break three arrows. You must help each other like these arrows.".
Since then, three sons helped each other until they died.
This episode is very famous even now and called "Mouri no sanbon no ya(Three arrows of Mouri)".