Wanna be an evangelist of Japanese culture: Ishida Mitsunari

Monday, January 16, 2012

Ishida Mitsunari

Ishida Mitsunari is famous as a faithful retainer of Toyotomi Hideyoshi.
He was a very smart SAMURAI, and contributed to Toyotomi administration very much.

After the death of Hideyoshi, he was opposed to Tokugawa Ieyasu who had aimed to rule over Japan.
Although, once they were reconciled, they had originally disliked each other, so their opposition eventually developed into big battle.
It's the famous battle called "Sekigahara no tatakai"(The battle of Sekigahara).

Though he won in number of soldiers in this battle, but he was betrayed by his mates and was defeated.
The cause for defeat was that he was disliked by many daimyou,  because he was arrogant to have lots of power in Toyotomi administration.

He is known as a clever SAMURAI, but on the other hand, he is believed that he was weak in a battle.
However, it was only a story people made later days, and some people believe he was a great strategist.