Wanna be an evangelist of Japanese culture: "Links" corner added! & Kanji design goods

Saturday, December 24, 2011

"Links" corner added! & Kanji design goods

The corner "Links" was added to the side bar.
Other web sites which I am managing are summarized in "Links."
For example, Android apps, a Japanese lesson, Online store which sells Chinese character design goods, etc.

If you are interested in a Chinese character or Japanese manga, please visit "Lit.J".
We sell the design goods which united the original character of comics with the Chinese character.

It's "Sei goods" and "Bi goods" which are sold now.
"Sei" means "success" in English.
And "Bi" means "beauty" in English.
Please visit, if there is an interested Chinese character.
Moreover, the mutual link is also invited.
Let's introduce a blog and a homepage mutually.
I am waiting for your contact.