Wanna be an evangelist of Japanese culture: Dear everyone who looks for a Japanese girlfriend.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Dear everyone who looks for a Japanese girlfriend.

●Looking for a slim, moderate, and beautiful dark-hair Japanese sweetheart?

People who are reading this letter must want to get a Japanese sweet heart.
A lot of you must lose your heart to the slim, moderate and beautiful black-hair Japanese women.
However, even if there is an opportunity to meet some Japanese woman who came to sightseeing, it is difficult to take her out during her short trip.

No worries!

Even you have few opportunities to get to know Japanese women.
Here is the best method to get close to Japanese women!

●"REKIJO (History-loving-woman)" boom

Recently, many Japanese women are interested in Japanese history due to the influence of video games or comics.
They study about samurai's life and Japanese history and visit the famous historical place on the weekend and during the holidays.
Although the object of their interest is different, there is no doubt that "SAMURAI" is their common interest.
It means, if you are going to familiarize yourself with samurai, you will get more opportunity to talk to "REKIJO" friendly!

●how to get to know about samurai

It is easy to study about a samurai.
After you simply type "samurai" in the box of search engine and press the enter key.
A lot of samurai related sites bring you a huge amount of information.
However it is hard to get all information what you need with one click.
If you search things like lives of samurai, their swords, battle fields in Japan and so on, you will get a huge number of results.

●The first thing you need to do is getting to know what a samurai is.

If you do not know at all about samurai, I will recommend you this e-book.
It is "The SAMURAI Manga links Japanese and English".
This original ebook comic tells you what a samurai is.
This book is written in both Japanese and English, so you can understand the story of the comic without stress.
Furthermore, there are some columns in the comic which gives you some infomation about culture and a language of Japan.

Why don't you start studying about Samurai with this book?
After reading, let's browse through websites for more information about samurai.
After you have some knowledge of what you want to know, I'm sure you can find the Information you want.

●How to get this ebook

Please access this site, in order to get this original e-book.
The thing which you need is only user registration and entering your credit card information.
It is not necessary to wait for delivery.
You can start to read it immediately.
Once you purchase it, you can read this e-book with any electric devices such as your desk top, iPad or iPhone.
It's your choice!

●Don't miss the chances for an encounters just $4.99.

This e-book is just $4.99, less than $5.
If you abstain from drinking one glass of beer and having snacks at a pub tonight, the chances of encounters will be expanded!

●How to meet Japanese women.

SNS such as facebook and twitter which have more than hundreds of millions users all around the world is very popular among Japanese women as well.
You will get the chance to meet Japanese women through these SNS.
What if you tweet about your favorite samurai and some Japanese women follow it?
It's up to you to make the next move!

●Shop now!

The number of users of facebook and twitter continue to increase rapidly in Japan.
While you are slow, somebody might get wonderful, quiet "Japanese girlfriend".You must have more sense of humor than somebody does.
That person probably stingy and a show-off.
A guy like him might swoop in on wonderful Japanese girlfriend.
You don't think this is OK, do you?


Even if you get many chances to get to know Japanese women, please don't hit on more than one person at once.
We can not take responsibility the trouble that you caused between women and you.
I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.