Wanna be an evangelist of Japanese culture: [Japanese anime]Mirai Nikki

Thursday, February 2, 2012

[Japanese anime]Mirai Nikki

Do you know "Mirai Nikki" which is anime of Japan?
In this anime, 12 owners of "Mirai Nikki" kill each other.

"Mirai Nikki" means future diary and these diaries have various types.
One person can know future of a certain person, and another can know future which other people will watch, and the others also can know different future each.
(This ability is given to their possessions such as cell-phones.)

One day, they were given the ability by God suddenly.
God said, "You must kill each other, and I will make the last surviver next God.".
Therefore they began killing each other using their abilities.
In this battle, if your diary was destroyed, you vanish from the world.
Main character cooperate with heroine who is his stalker to survive and fight other owners of Mirai Nikki.

If you would like to see this anime, you may search a word of "Mirrai Nikki" at video-sharing web site.